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More and more people are making use of blogs to create content websites (instead of creating websites using HTML) due to its simplicity in setting one up (It takes no more than 5 minutes to set up a blog).

While creating a blog is simple, content creation isn’t – And the fact is that, in order to create a blog that Search Engines love (and rank it high up in their indexes), you need to update it often with content. This means that you must provide an incredible amount of quality content on your blog to keep people interested and to keep search engines coming back for more.

You are probably thinking “How am I going to create tons of valuable content?” and that’s a good question – This is where “Adsense Inbox” comes in.

Adsense Inbox” is a autoblogging software that you can install which helps to generate content for your blog automatically (do take note that this software currently only works on Wordpress platforms).

What you need to do is to sign up for newsletters that you think sends you content-rich materials in any particular niche (that you want to base your blogs on). Thereafter, build your blog using “Adsense Inbox” and get all the newsletter emails as content on your blog that will be posted automatically.

How you can make money from your blog is that there is an Adsense module in “Adsense Inbox” which you can activate, and you’ll have Adsense ads served on your blog. Whenever someone clicks on those ads, you’ll make money – It’s as simple as that…
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