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Panic OTO SoftwareProduct Overview

One Time Offers is an excellent marketing technique that can make you tons of money as a product owner – Due to the fact that people know that it’s the only chance they have to grab the offer.

But how about adding a live countdown to your One Time Offers and when the timer expires, your customers will not get to see that offer anymore?

That will definitely force your customers to seriously think about the One Time Offer that they are being offered and chances are – They’ll snap it before your countdown reaches zero.

Panic OTO” is a simple tool that allows you to create a time limited offer that will be displayed only once to each visitor.

The following is an example of a live One Time Offer in action (using “Panic OTO“):
Click Here To See The One Time Offer Tool In Action
When you clicking on the link above, a page appears for 45 seconds (where you can have your own One Time Offer here) before it disappears (and you’ll be brought to another page), and there’s no way you can make that page re-appear again.

Panic OTO” is specially created for product owners to line up a series of One Time Offers for their customers after they have purchased the initial product that they have for sale.
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