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'Squidoo Lens Genius' Video SeriesProduct Overview Of “Squidoo Lens Genius” Video Series

Whether is it generating massive volumes of targeted traffic to your websites for free, or driving more sales to products/services that you are either selling (as a product owner) or promoting (as an affiliate), tapping on Web 2.0 platforms is one of the best free methods that you can use.

When it comes to Web 2.0 platforms, there are many available for your use for free – such as Squidoo, HubPages, WetPaint, Blogger, Zimbio, LiveJournal, and the list goes on and on.

However, I’m just going to touch on Squidoo today. “Why Squidoo?” you may ask. The reason is because Squidoo is currently a top-rated Web 2.0 platform on the Internet. For the benefit of those of you who don’t know what Squidoo is, it is basically a Web 2.0 site that allows anyone to sign-up for free and create single page sites (which is called a lens) to share any information on almost any topic under the sun.

What’s even more interesting about Squidoo that it has many built-in features that allow you to generate money off your lenses. In fact, I’ve seen many Squidoo marketers generating a comfortable 4-figure income every single month from their Squidoo lenses!

Have I gotten you excited about the income opportunities that are present in Squidoo? To help you get started with Squidoo (especially for newbies), I would highly recommend this comprehensive video package by the name of “Squidoo Lens Genius“.

In “Squidoo Lens Genius“, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started with Squidoo – from creating a Squidoo lens from scratch to making it available to the public to creating public awareness about your new Squidoo lens, etc. through a 2-hour step-by-step video series (there are a total of 10 videos in this package).

With the knowledge that you’ve learned from this 2-hour video series, you will have the ability to get tons of targeted free traffic, leads, sales, as well as massive exposure for your businesses – All from your Squidoo lenses.
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