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''Online Copywriting Pro' Video SeriesProduct Overview Of “Responsive Email Marketing Tutorials” Video Tutorial Series

When it comes to email marketing, you do not want to just place your emphasis on building up your list of subscribers – Rather, you should make sure that you build a list that has responsive subscribers.

By that, I mean that you must build up a list of subscribers who will act on your email – Such as clicking on a link to visit your website, or purchase a product/service that you recommend, commenting, as well as participate in discussions, and the list goes on and on.

You need to have a list of responsive subscribers in order for you to be able to get any results from your email marketing campaigns – Whether is it driving repeated traffic to your websites, or generating income from your subscribers (when they purchase a product/service that you recommend), etc.

One of the most important aspects to building successful email marketing campaigns with responsive subscribers is your ability to build a relationship with them. The reason is very simple – People will not listen to strangers (I am sure you will not believe in whatever someone has to say when you just met him/her for the first time – Am I right?). If you want people to listen to you (and respond), you must first build up that trust with your subscribers.

The other thing to note is that people do not come online to buy something – They come online to look for information (especially solutions to their problems). So, your emails should not be 100% promotional – But a mix of informational and promotional.

Also, you have to bear in mind of the fact that your subscribers are likely to be subscribers of other marketers’ as well (and they will be receiving emails from them as well). And you have to accept the fact that they may not open all the emails in their inbox. Most of the time, they will open only the emails that they are interested in (and they judge that from reading the headline). Thus, you must make sure that your email subject lines are eye-catchy enough such that they will be able to grab your recipients’ interest and they want to open your email to read Iit in detail instead of thrashing it.

In case you are wondering how exactly to do the above, here’s a resource that will help you – in “Responsive Email Marketing Tutorials“.

Responsive Email Marketing Tutorials” consists of 8 video tutorials (approximately 50 minutes in length) where you will learn how you can double (or even triple) your email’s effectiveness, and as a result seeing your number of sales double (from the same number of email subscribers that you currently have). If you have not started building your email list just yet, this video tutorial will also teach you how you can build a responsive one up.
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